Project Background

Project ASPECT was born from a more general search for new communication tools to help the wider public engage with important but inaccessible issues. In particular, the project considers the complex issue of climate change.

ASPECT recognises that to date, climate change communication has engaged a narrow audience and stimulated a limited public dialogue. As a result, ASPECT explores how the wider public might connect to the climate change discussion through digital storytelling.


Stories are a common form of expression allowing people to contextualise and give meaning to their experiences. Individuals or groups can communicate their story using words, images, sound or movement. Whether they reflect the past, present or what we expect from the future, stories offer insight into how a person or group of people understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling allows an individual to express their story through the application of technology. Digital tools can serve to transform a narrative, captivating an unsuspecting audience.

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