How to Choose a Suitable Bathtub For Elderly and Disabled People

When it comes to choosing a suitable tub for elderly and disabled in your home, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Before making any decisions, you should carefully measure the area where you plan to fit the tub. This will allow you to get a tub that is proportionate to the size of the space and the shape of the room. Buying the wrong size tub can be disastrous for those who use the bath and for anyone else who may use the bathroom if the tub is not the right size.

The measurements of a bathroom are particularly important when it comes to elderly and disabled bathtubs. Most bathtubs are made with long, narrow hands and feet. For someone who is severely disabled, this is simply not a good option. You should opt for a bathtub which has a larger breadth and depth, which will provide more comfort and help to prevent slipping.

For disabled and elderly people, you have the choice of buying a handicap bathtub. These are much wider than regular bathtubs, and this helps them to sit up straight and sit down comfortably. They are also made from a material which gives a similar appearance to other bathtubs – it is hard to tell the difference between a regular bathtub and a handicap tub.

Elderly and disabled people also want to be able to move about freely in the bathroom. If the tub is not wide enough, they may find themselves bending over or having to reach for something. To avoid this problem, consider purchasing a tub which is wider than the area in which it will be installed. This way, they will be able to sit up straight without straining, and they can easily turn around to wash their legs. There are a number of bathtubs which are made wider than most others. If you cannot find one that is suitable, look for other options.

Some older people suffer from arthritis and cannot stand to be in a bathtub for extended periods. In these cases, look for corner tubs. Look for tubs which are wider than the area in which they are installed – this helps to prevent the elderly person from having to bend down too far to get in and out of the tub. As well as ensuring the safety of your senior member of the family, these types of tubs also make it easier for them to relax in peace and quiet. Visit best San Diego bathroom remodeling company to help you in choosing the best bathtub according to your need.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing a suitable bathtub for elderly and disabled members of your household. It may be helpful to ask your local bathroom supplier, as well as looking online, see what is available on the market. Although many tubs are designed for adults, there are some which are made specially for the disabled. It is always better to spend a bit extra on luxury than you have to, so make sure that you are aware of everything that is available on today’s market before you make a purchase. It is especially important to consider the safety of the bathtub, as many elderly and disabled people suffer from a variety of health problems that make them vulnerable to injury. It may also be worth purchasing an electrical or hydraulic hand pump, as they make bathing much more accessible.