Shower Remodeling Design Guide

Installing a brand new shower is expensive and definitely not a viable option for most homeowners. A small budget-oriented, budget-smart shower remodeling can be done with a significantly smaller budget than a full scale, brand new bathroom renovation. The key to a successful, lower cost remodel is using quality materials and avoiding expensive mistakes when preparing the remodel. By adhering to a simple plan and making some smart decisions you can save hundreds of dollars and still get a brand new shower with the look and functionality you desire. Here are five important tips to help you find and select the right shower for your home.


Acrylic sprayed on walls is the most common type of shower remodel. It’s an economical choice that allows you to design a unique shower without completely gutting and rebuilding your bathroom. Acrylic is a strong, waterproof material that resists staining, cracking, fading, shrinking, cracking, and cupping. An acrylic sprayed-on wall can provide years of use and protection for your investment while saving you money in the long run.


When looking at bathroom leaks, the most frequently asked questions about leaks centers on where and how to find them. Most homeowners search high and low without success for the elusive leak, only to be disappointed when they finally find it. In order to avoid this disappointment and frustration from finding and addressing leaks, it’s necessary to follow a shower remodel design guide and learn how to detect leaks early.


Shower floors and walls are not the only places you might encounter leaks. Downspouts, nozzles, and overflow pipes may also be susceptible to leaking. As with other parts of your bathroom, you must first locate the source of water in order to try and fix it. It is important to find and address the source of the water as quickly as possible in order to prevent the problem from getting out of hand. If you notice areas of water coming out of any of these pipes, follow a shower remodel design guide to determine if the leak is simple and can be fixed, or requires more detailed work.


Shower curtains and fiberglass showers have many similarities, yet very different differences. While fiberglass showers are easy to install and maintain, they are not recommended for those who have back problems. Shower curtains are usually made of cheaper materials, but that lower cost often comes with a lower quality finish.


The last topic we’ll discuss in this article is countertop installation. Countertop installation is perhaps the easiest part of bathroom remodeling and repair because there is little to no skill required. Most homeowners will choose to have a local contractor to install their countertops. If you choose to do your own, be sure to take measurements and hire an experienced contractor who will be able to help you every step of the way.